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 Title: The Heart Wants
Author: [personal profile] lizzledpink
Rating: R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto(/Gwen)
Warnings: infidelity, depending on your definition of infidelity
Summary: Ianto doesn’t know if this is okay, or if it crosses a line, but it feels right. Good enough.

One day, Ianto looked at Gwen... )

Lit Fest

Nov. 5th, 2010 08:50 pm
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Our school had a literary festival. Lots of authors and writers and journalists came. It was KIND OF THE BEST DAY EVER and I was rather prolific. For anybody who actually cares, here are the things I wrote! (And with a time period between five and ten minutes for each. Whoo!)


And that was Lit Fest. SO MUCH FUN. I'm in a good mood, I'm ahead of schedule on NaNoWriMo (as the handy-dandy image on the sidebar will happily inform)... /happy sigh/ All is well.

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Title: Conscription
Author: [personal profile] lizzledpink
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto, Rose, Doctor
Summary: Torchwood One Archivist Ianto decides to head upstairs five minutes earlier than originally intended, and runs into an infiltrating blonde.

Rose crept out of the TARDIS... )
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I've finally decided to give Dreamwidth a shot, due to a mixture of reasons.

I doubt that anybody reading this would have been foolish enough to crosspost anything to Facebook or Twitter, so I am not terribly worried about that - I don't even have a Facebook account anymore, and haven't for ages.

Partly, it's because many of the people whose journals I read HAVE moved to DW. Also, DW makes it incredibly easy not only to move but also to maintain my LJ atthe same time, so it'll be as though I've not even moved most of the time. Hooray, crossposting!

As I only signed up this morning I'm obviously still ironing out any kinks. Bottom line is that very little will change, except from my side of things, and for any of you on DW as well. :)

That's all. Please continue to enjoy my fics, and whatever else I've thrown at you.

Lauren (lizzledpink)
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Title: A Sort of Solitude
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Characters: Gwen, Ianto, TW3
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Five times Ianto Jones shared something about himself (and one time Gwen found out all her own).

So, I'm told you're the one to ask about coffee... )
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Title: By Either Fire or Fire
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Characters: Rose, Tosh, Jack
Summary: It's the Kiss the Boys Goodbye dance, and Tosh finds an unexpected friend.

From the light, a girl appeared... )
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Title: Patchwork Square
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Tosh, Ianto (implied Jack/Ianto)
Summary: Tosh likes to observe and Tosh likes to think, and Ianto is an ideal subject for both. Oneshot.

It started with little things... )
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I wrote White Collar fic. I have not seen White Collar. I have only read [ profile] copperbadge 's and [ profile] pocky_slash 's fic. 

So, here it is:

Title: A Life of Crime Goes Not Unpunished
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Neal/Peter/El
Summary: In which I break the shippers' hearts, and this is somehow IC. And no, I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW. (Yet.)
Disclaimer: I don't own, don't sue me, I make no money, etc.

I call this a WIN. Also, pocky's Not My Fandom Fest is BRILLIANT. Go add to it.
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My journal is mostly for fic and writing purposes, but for this I'll make an exception. Most of this is copied directly from my comment on teachwriteslash's journal. You can see the original version there.

Watch this first, please:

Entire thing under the cut )
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 I intend to update this regularly. Whenever I find another thing that is legitimately true about Torchwood and will never not be true, even if I say something to contradict it, it'll end up here. These are facts.

(This also serves as a rec list, by the way.)

1) Jack's coat is alive, and quite probably sentient, and feeds on radiation. This is why it survives everything. No, really.

2) There is a room, somewhere within the dank corridors of the Hub, that has a sofa, some chairs, a bed and a lamp. Nobody speaks there, and nobody talks about it. Nothing that happens there is ever spoken of. Torchwood needs it, and uses it well.

3) Jack and Tish are besties.

4) If you're reading this, feel free to suggest other fics/truths. I can only think of these two at the moment, but I'm sure I'll stumble and re-stumble upon more of them with time.
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Title: A Seat in the Corner
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink  
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4577
Pairings/Characters: Ianto, the Doctor (mentioned Jack/Ianto, Jack/Doctor, Jack/others)
Summary: Just because Jack worships the Doctor, doesn’t mean everybody should. Ianto proves his point.

Just you, me, and this cell for as long as it takes. )
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*flails* I'm SO HAPPY OVER WRITING THIS! If I don't have it finished by the end of this week, SOMEBODY PROD ME UNTIL I FINISH IT. That's an order.


preview here )

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