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Chapter four of A Most Succulent Apple, entitled "Exemplary Conduct," is posted on FFN. I was in a bitchy mood when I wrote the AN. Just warning you. I apologize in advance, however regret not a word.

So, why the parasol? Because... )
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Eek! I keep forgetting to keep up with this. Sorry. Chapter three, entitled "Shatter a Mirror," is now posted on FFN.

And behind the cut, a sneak preview of Chapter Four's events! Whoo-hoo:

“You’ve brought me a – a parasol.” Eriol resisted the urge to grin... )
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Chapter two of A Most Succulent Apple, entitled "Nightbreak," is posted on FFN. Go see, and when you're done reading, feel free to look back here and see what I have to say behind the link below! (P.S. Sorry I'm late on this; II'll give a short preview of chapter three to make up for it.)

Admittedly, there's some filler in this chapter, but... )


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