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I don't know when I might post this, if ever. But just to show you the little piece I'm working on as of this second, have a preview. I think you'll be interested, ne?

Chapter One: Renamed for the Dark

“Do you see the light?” the girl said out loud, smiling pleasantly. She sat on a cold wooden chair, watching the light fade through the iron bars.

“I see the light,” she told the air. “It’s dusk right now. See how it casts an orange glow upon the floor? I wish I could go out to that glow. But I really doubt it.”

“Because, you see, I’m stuck here, still. They haven’t let me leave. Isn’t that a shame?” The girl stood up, smiling. “Oh, well. I guess I’ve gone crazy. I’m talking to walls, even. Did you know that? I’m insane. It’s kind of funny, being allowed to talk to these walls. Nobody can hear me, except the guards outside my cell. Hello, guards! But they never answer. You don’t either, but at least I know that’s because you don’t speak. How rude of them, to never speak with me!”

"I'm dreaming of leaving this place. I had a name once, you know. But since I don't exist anymore, I guess I don't have a name, do I? But if I leave, I'll have a name again. Wouldn't that be nice? Perhaps then I wouldn't be crazy. I'd like to live again, instead of never existing. It's gotten pretty boring, being a nameless girl."

The girl was completely surprised to hear a chuckle by the door. Her eyes widened. Beyond the bars that trapped her in this horrid place, a woman stood. A familiar one, too. "Li Daiyu," the girl breathed.

"You recognize me. I'm flattered." The woman smiled wickedly. "You were saying you are nameless, yes? Well, congratulations, girl. You are nameless no longer. Your name is now Li Sakura."

"But before," the girl protested, "I was Kinomoto Sakura."

"You think you are Kinomoto any longer? Send for the new recruit," the woman snapped to one of the men standing by. "I'll be enough to contain this child alone."

"My lady," the man said with a bow. He left instantly.

Daiyu sniffed. "As I was saying - you are no longer of that name, Li Sakura, and you had better get used to it - that is, if you want to truly live again."

"Live? You don't mean -"

"I do. You are being set free, Sakura."

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Eek! I keep forgetting to keep up with this. Sorry. Chapter three, entitled "Shatter a Mirror," is now posted on FFN.

And behind the cut, a sneak preview of Chapter Four's events! Whoo-hoo:

“You’ve brought me a – a parasol.” Eriol resisted the urge to grin... )
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Okee-dokee! So, for my first order of business, we shall look over my currently running projects.

First, I'm still working on/helping with AbsoluteFluffiness' stories.

Specifically, I'm working with Slowly Sweetly. As you may or may not know, I'm part beta and part co-author of that story, and know all that is going on. A couple of scenes in it (usually ones with Tomoyo, Eriol, or Loraina) are mine. But the story is absolutely AbsoluteFluffiness'. 

But also with AbsoluteFluffiness, I'm working on a different story: The Heart Has Seasons. This one, because it is more Tomoyo and Eriol centered, I am not just betaing - I'm fully a co-author. Several scenes that go side-by-side with Slowly Sweetly are all set up. :) I'm happy about that, definitely.

With SwallowingTears, I am helping with Blossom in a Gilded Cage.

As for projects of my own....

A Most Succulent Apple: Vampire Eriol story. Dark, smexy at times, not afraid to show the blood. :D Much fun. Prologue posted. Enjoy.

Dawn of Blood: A story that starts out a year before the beginning, in the middle of a war. We meet Princess Syao Ran (Ran-hime), who is secretly Sakura, as she imparts to Prince Kazuki. The battle for the countries of Tsubasa and Ying begins at dawn. Blood is shed. And Sakura, the most instrumental part of this war, freezes up - for the first time since she began fighting this war, she can't use her powers. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the mysterious general for the enemy, whose identity is discovered only right at the battle's beginning. He is Syaoran...
A woeful tale sure to make you very, very angry at the author for being so cruel. I'll put up a preview later.

I think that's a good start.


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