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Hello! I'm terribly bored. It's past four-thirty in the morning, and I should absolutely be asleep, but I'm wide awake. Which is likely unwise and may possibly be the root cause of my current insanity. Not that the insanity is unusual, it's just rather unusually powerful at the moment, and seems to have overridden my usual restraining faculties, allowing me LJ cutting the rest of this because it's pointless )

Anyway, now that I have the random drivel out of the way. Basically, it's early in the morning and I'm in a Somewhat Grumpy Mood with Unnamed People, and to retaliate I feel like giving the world some love and sharing a little tidbit that has occurred to me. It rather acts as though it is a prompt; feel free to take it as one.

The Time War and Gallifrey are "time-locked." Does not every lock have a key?

Let the plot bunnies run rampant. Go ahead to grab this and begin a writing spree. Credit appreciated. Linkage to any resulting fic more appreciated. :D Thank you!

P.S. I have plans for a SERIOUSLY long-running fic series in the Doctor Who world, which may or may not come to fruition. I hope they do. I also have a oneshot in need of beta-ing and another oneshot I'm patiently and cheerfully waiting on with beta-ing and so, SO many ideas that have yet to write themselves. Oh, and I've just read my favorite Jack/Ianto series EVER. It starts out somewhat pornographic and ends up having a lot of plot and a lot of emotion and heartbreak and love and action and fun and brilliance and is still somewhat pornographic. Whee.

Good night. /tries to sleep; probably fails/
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Alright, here's the deal. /pulls out brainy specs/ I'm slowly but surely making my way through Old Who episodes, and I'm finishing up the Deadly Assassin, the story with Four between Sarah Jane and Leela, on Gallifrey. Paused in the middle of it, actually.

So partially, I'm just enjoying the episode. The other part of me is considering the ramifications of the Eye of Harmony, Rassilon, and all that joyful lore we get in this episode. And then Four comes out with this quote:

"[The Sash of Rassilon] protects its wearer from being sucked into a parallel universe!" 

Does this imply that being sucked into a parallel universe and being sucked into a black hole is the same thing? This is my mind, boggled. THIS IS CANON.

I'm asking anybody reading this for their opinion. I've only seen two seasons of Old Who so far (started with Four's first episode, and am running from there) and so I don't know how well this fits in. I would love to hear if anybody else has speculation on this, or to discuss it, or see if anybody can find other quotes and episodes that contradict or support my theories.

(And perhaps if I'm very, very lucky and work with it, I can pull a delightfully plausible reunion fic out of this! /grins/ All in the name of fanfic and Doctor/Rose... Course, if you want to just discuss it without Doctor/Rose focus, fine too... I'm curious.)

All my musings are below the cut. They're long, cumbersome, confusing, and in my opinion slightly brilliant. Read if you dare.

So... thoughts, anyone?
The Eye of Harmony is the power contained within... )


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