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*flails* I'm SO HAPPY OVER WRITING THIS! If I don't have it finished by the end of this week, SOMEBODY PROD ME UNTIL I FINISH IT. That's an order.


preview here )

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 Just a thought that struck me all of a sudden:

The different branches of Torchwood are labeled, intentionally or otherwise, by dimensions, perhaps?

Torchwood One is one-dimensional and linear. Y'know, metaphorically speaking. It's all about the "us vs them" and everything is for the benefit of humanity, period. One-dimensional, and foolishly so.

Torchwood Two is apparently a weird guy in Glasgow. It's supposed to be funny when you hear about it, but if you ask me, the joke falls a bit flat. Thus, two-dimensional. (Sorry! I couldn't resist the pun! T.T)

Torchwood Three is three-dimensional, complex, and our primary inhabitance.

And finally, Torchwood Four, which is lost. It's rather hard to lose a branch, so I can only imagine that it got lost in time, not space. Thus, four-dimensional.

...I don't know. I just find it hilarious how well that works out.
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I just love doing this sort of thing where I can. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey and all that. :)

       The Brockless Family
|                                                                                                                  |
Mr and Mrs Brockless                                                                          Mr and Mrs Brockless (the other ones, who moved to England)
|                                                                                                                           |
Margaret Carmichael -------Tommy Brockless b. 1894 d. 1918        Joan Redford nee Brockless b. 1883ish ===== Mr. Redford d. before 1918
                            Rita Connolly nee Carmichael b. 1919 ===== Edward (Eddie) Connolly
                                                                       Tommy Connolly b. 1938, age 15 in 1953

In other words: Tommy Brockless, as seen in TW: To the Last Man, is the cousin of Joan Redford from DW: Human Nature.
Tommy was executed by the army shortly before Margaret Carmichael, his fiancee at the time of his death, found out she was pregnant. Margaret Carmichael ends up being the mother of Rita Carmichael, who marries Eddie and names her son after her father (she told the nurses and Eddie figured, meh, Tommy was a good enough name for his son. Of course, Rita said he died in the war rather than that he was executed for refusing to battle...). As a side note this means that Tommy's girlfriend ends up having her face sucked off by the Wire eventually, which I just find utterly HILARIOUS.

Thus, three of my favorite twentieth century background characters are related to each other. -happy-

If I made a continuity mistake or something, let me know; it's been a while since I've seen Human Nature and To the Last Man.
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Hello! I'm terribly bored. It's past four-thirty in the morning, and I should absolutely be asleep, but I'm wide awake. Which is likely unwise and may possibly be the root cause of my current insanity. Not that the insanity is unusual, it's just rather unusually powerful at the moment, and seems to have overridden my usual restraining faculties, allowing me LJ cutting the rest of this because it's pointless )

Anyway, now that I have the random drivel out of the way. Basically, it's early in the morning and I'm in a Somewhat Grumpy Mood with Unnamed People, and to retaliate I feel like giving the world some love and sharing a little tidbit that has occurred to me. It rather acts as though it is a prompt; feel free to take it as one.

The Time War and Gallifrey are "time-locked." Does not every lock have a key?

Let the plot bunnies run rampant. Go ahead to grab this and begin a writing spree. Credit appreciated. Linkage to any resulting fic more appreciated. :D Thank you!

P.S. I have plans for a SERIOUSLY long-running fic series in the Doctor Who world, which may or may not come to fruition. I hope they do. I also have a oneshot in need of beta-ing and another oneshot I'm patiently and cheerfully waiting on with beta-ing and so, SO many ideas that have yet to write themselves. Oh, and I've just read my favorite Jack/Ianto series EVER. It starts out somewhat pornographic and ends up having a lot of plot and a lot of emotion and heartbreak and love and action and fun and brilliance and is still somewhat pornographic. Whee.

Good night. /tries to sleep; probably fails/
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I don't know when I might post this, if ever. But just to show you the little piece I'm working on as of this second, have a preview. I think you'll be interested, ne?

Chapter One: Renamed for the Dark

“Do you see the light?” the girl said out loud, smiling pleasantly. She sat on a cold wooden chair, watching the light fade through the iron bars.

“I see the light,” she told the air. “It’s dusk right now. See how it casts an orange glow upon the floor? I wish I could go out to that glow. But I really doubt it.”

“Because, you see, I’m stuck here, still. They haven’t let me leave. Isn’t that a shame?” The girl stood up, smiling. “Oh, well. I guess I’ve gone crazy. I’m talking to walls, even. Did you know that? I’m insane. It’s kind of funny, being allowed to talk to these walls. Nobody can hear me, except the guards outside my cell. Hello, guards! But they never answer. You don’t either, but at least I know that’s because you don’t speak. How rude of them, to never speak with me!”

"I'm dreaming of leaving this place. I had a name once, you know. But since I don't exist anymore, I guess I don't have a name, do I? But if I leave, I'll have a name again. Wouldn't that be nice? Perhaps then I wouldn't be crazy. I'd like to live again, instead of never existing. It's gotten pretty boring, being a nameless girl."

The girl was completely surprised to hear a chuckle by the door. Her eyes widened. Beyond the bars that trapped her in this horrid place, a woman stood. A familiar one, too. "Li Daiyu," the girl breathed.

"You recognize me. I'm flattered." The woman smiled wickedly. "You were saying you are nameless, yes? Well, congratulations, girl. You are nameless no longer. Your name is now Li Sakura."

"But before," the girl protested, "I was Kinomoto Sakura."

"You think you are Kinomoto any longer? Send for the new recruit," the woman snapped to one of the men standing by. "I'll be enough to contain this child alone."

"My lady," the man said with a bow. He left instantly.

Daiyu sniffed. "As I was saying - you are no longer of that name, Li Sakura, and you had better get used to it - that is, if you want to truly live again."

"Live? You don't mean -"

"I do. You are being set free, Sakura."



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