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Title: Wandering Back to the Path
Author:[personal profile] lizzledpink
Rory, the Doctor
A late night walk on the TARDIS leads Rory to an interesting room and a more interesting man.

Disclaimer: I do not own, I make no money fro, this, all belongs to BBC, the Moff, etc, etc.
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Title: Foresight
Author: [personal profile] lizzledpink
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Master(/Doctor)
Summary: He’d said, honestly, that he didn’t know who he would be without the ever-drumming. It remained true.

They had every right to lock him up... )

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Title: Conscription
Author: [personal profile] lizzledpink
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto, Rose, Doctor
Summary: Torchwood One Archivist Ianto decides to head upstairs five minutes earlier than originally intended, and runs into an infiltrating blonde.

Rose crept out of the TARDIS... )
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Title: By Either Fire or Fire
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Characters: Rose, Tosh, Jack
Summary: It's the Kiss the Boys Goodbye dance, and Tosh finds an unexpected friend.

From the light, a girl appeared... )
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I wrote White Collar fic. I have not seen White Collar. I have only read [ profile] copperbadge 's and [ profile] pocky_slash 's fic. 

So, here it is:

Title: A Life of Crime Goes Not Unpunished
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Neal/Peter/El
Summary: In which I break the shippers' hearts, and this is somehow IC. And no, I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW. (Yet.)
Disclaimer: I don't own, don't sue me, I make no money, etc.

I call this a WIN. Also, pocky's Not My Fandom Fest is BRILLIANT. Go add to it.
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Title: Life Preserver
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Spoilers: 2x11 (Adrift).
Summary: Drabble. The Captain has his own scars to bear, buried deep within.

It reminded me )
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I wrote a lot of fic tonight, thanks to [ profile] pocky_slash 's writing chat thingy. SUCH FUN. I bring thee fic! (Keep two things in mind, please: first, these are all unbeta'd, and second, they were all written within 5 to 15 minutes. Thus, typos. Especially in Keepsake. -winces-)

TW fic:

Keepsake | Jack(/Ianto) | PG | Post-CoE (translation: angst!)

A Reminder | Jack/Ianto | PG

Been There Done That | Gwen | PG-13

Humans | Jack(/Ianto) | PG-13 | Post-CoE

Help, A Cry For | Owen, OC (past Owen/Katie) | PG-13 | x-over with [ profile] cardigan_verse  

DW fic:

Extemporaneous | Doctor/Rose | PG

TW/DW fic:

Dealing | OC, Gwen, others | PG-13 | Shameless mini-fixit.

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Title: How to Fix Ianto's Bad Day
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG 
Characters/Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: Ianto was having a bad day. Jack got coffee. Drabble. 100 words.

Much better. )
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You know, I'm not actually sure where I got the template for this from. I copied it down weeks ago but didn't write it. Then I found the document again, and decided to go ahead and write it. Hooray!

Here's the challenge: Try to write different categories of fic (angst, fluff, UST, etc) in 10 words.

And here are my answers to that challenge. I did the same categories for both, and admittedly there's bit of crossover between them, being in the same universe and all... It was difficult, and fun!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, I make no money, I only borrow.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some dark themes. Minor spoilers for DW S5, TW:CoE, and more. (If you haven't seen it, you probably just won't understand the micro-fic, though.)


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Title: The First Sign of Impending Disaster
Author: lizzledpink
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Mickey, Rose/Jack
Summary: Mickey observes Rose. He wonders what she's hiding, what Torchwood has to do with it, and why the multiverse is so strange and wonderful.

"You came home smiling." )
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Title: Comprehension
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Characters: Eleven, Amy/Rory (alt. ending Eleven/Amy/Rory)
Summary: Immediately after landing the TARDIS, Rory and the Doctor sit down and talk, and have more in common than they thought. Oneshot. 
Warnings: Spoilers including and up to 5.13

"You're a better man than you think you are." )
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Title: Everything
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairings/Characters: 10/Rose, 9/Rose
Summary: 10/Rose, 9/Rose. What is, what was, what ever could be. The Doctor can see it all. Oneshot.
And doesn't it drive you mad? )
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Title: Angel
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Characters: Ten/Jack
Summary: "Do you know why you frighten me, Jack?" Oneshot.
Warnings: Slash pairing.

Brown eyes stared into the clearest blue... )
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Title: Alphabet Soup
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Summary: Challenge: write 26 drabbles or oneshots. The inspiration for each will be a word starting with a different letter of the alphabet. Pick the words yourself. Anything goes.
Warnings: Spoilers for all new series episodes.

It'll be an adventure. )
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Title: Better Days
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: G
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Eleventh Doctor
Summary: As his song approaches its end, the Doctor pays his respects to his best-friend-no-longer, finds a curious young man (in tweed, really?), and wonders if it’s wrong to hope. Oneshot.
Warnings: Spoilers for both S4 and S5 finales.

Donna was brilliant like that. )
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Title: Tiny Things
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Amy/Rory
Summary: Rory wasn't Prince Charming. He was more like Prince Bumbling, or Prince Hopeless, or maybe Prince Ordinary, which was in this case far worse than the former two. Amy/Rory, oneshot.

Someday. )
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All fics are for the TTU Ficathon. Join in, yeah? :D

Prompt: TenII/Rose, this picture


Prompt: Ten/Rose; she's developing a pinstripe fetish
Prompt: Five times The Doctor hallucinated about Rose

Five Time She Knows
Prompt: Doctor/Rose - how does she know?

Prompt: ten/rose + ivory

Event Horizon
Prompt: Any Doctor/Rose
I hope we can hold hands, listen to each other's voices and laugh
I wonder how many people we will have met? someday, for somebody.

In Vain
Prompt: Ten/Rose
People talk about this guy who's waiting on a girl
There are no holes in his shoes, but a big hole in his world
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Title: Last Dance
Author: [ profile] lizzledpink 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Eleven/River
Summary: This is how their story ends: right before the beginning. Oneshot.
(Goodbye was one of them. I love you was the other...) )


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